Trained fraud examination specialists

Increasingly, businesses are being victimized by internal fraud, a serious and costly crime.  Unfortunately, fraud is often undetected or under-estimated, since fraud, by its nature, involves concealment and deception.  Since most fraud investigations are initiated due to suspicions about a certain type of fraud or a suspected individual, it is helpful to engage the expertise of a trained fraud examination specialist.

Fraud Investigations
Fraud investigations differ from financial audits in that the focus is on oddities and accounting irregularities that indicate patterns of criminal financial conduct.  Chris Hamilton Forensics employs trained professionals who specialize in the detection and prevention of fraud.  Our fraud investigators assist in determining whether fraud occurred, and if so, to estimate the extent of monetary loss or damages and to determine who committed the fraud.

Arxis Financial utilizes various investigative and analytical procedures to:

  • Support criminal or civil actions against an individual(s)
  • Provide evidence for insurance claims
  • Form a basis for termination of a dishonest employee
  • Uncover hidden assets in bankruptcy or divorce situations

Typically, these investigations involve review of documentation and electronic evidence, then organizing and managing these documents to aid in further analysis.  Interviews may be required of employees and others with specific knowledge of the transactions, aimed at exposing such fraud schemes and helping to expedite recoveries. Finally, we support the litigation process by working with attorneys to evaluate evidence and then provide expert testimony.

Fraud Prevention
Obviously it is better to establish systems and procedures to prevent fraud than to deal with the repercussions of the crime.  Our team of professionals help clients to identify those areas that are vulnerable to fraud.  We then provide recommendations and can assist in designing internal controls systems which can deter fraud or help to detect possible fraudulent activity.

These fraud prevention systems also can be designed to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley securities laws and other laws that deal with fraudulent financial reporting.  Further, our fraud prevention services help clients to minimize the risk of numerous forms of financial statement fraud, such as billing schemes, cash larceny, bribery and corruption.

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